Vilcek Cinema

My Role
Director + 

The Vilcek cinematic open was made to appear before every film that the Vilcek Foundation sponsored or produced. The Vilcek Foundation is a leading cultural institution for the arts and sciences, founded in New York City in 2000. Its mission is to provide a notable platform for foreign-born artists and scientists residing in the U.S.

The first appearance of the cinematic identity occurred during the 2013 Hawaii International Film Festival. The open has since been shown at film and art festivals around the world. The piece was created at Thornberg & Forester in collaboration with Valiant Pictures, and together, our goal was to create a non-literal weave through the arts and sciences.

It took a lot of paint, talent, and thought to make this a success. Photographs and live-action elements were used to create the handmade artwork, which was later deconstructed and animated using After Effects. It proved to be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved, and most importantly, it resulted in a happy client.

An experimental project from the unused footage. 

Additional Credits
Production Company
Valiant Pictures

Thornberg & Forester

Head Of Production
Javier Gonzalez

Lead Designer
Ly Ngo

Art Director
Kyle Hurley

Joe Russ

Kyle Hurley
Jaimie Miguel