Turtle Beach

My Role

Turtle Beach needed a few spots to promote their new line of gaming headsets.  We cast a bunch of interesting looking gamers and had them play in front of a camera. Using a teleprompter as a screen, they played PlayStation and Xbox games. Our goal was to capture authentic responses, and most of the time, it worked, but sometimes, we had to amp it up a with a little direction (mainly me acting like a weirdo and calling things out on the side of the camera).

It turns out that unless the gameplay is super intense, people don’t move a whole lot when playing video games. When the clock is burning and the AD is in your ear, recording an hour of play time per person doesn't fly. Either way, it was a fun exercise and a success for the brand.

We got to play with Sputnik LED lights, too; the DP Ernesto Lomeli had a whole array rigged up with an iPad. We needed to create 20 different moods on the quick. This streamlined setup allowed us to change the light super fast.

Additional Credits
Ignition Creative

Agency Creative Director
Ryan Waite

Agency Producer
Travis Mitchell

Production Company
MotorTrend Group

Head Of Production
Jared Libitsky

Ernesto Lomeli
Anthony Cerniello

Miles Friedman

Wasqas Qazi

J4zMon (John Forsman)

Line Producer
Scott Moon

Matt Bobbit