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TVLAND was best knows as the destination for re-runs with shows like the Golden Girls, Home Improvement or Everybody Loves Raymond. But for the network’s recent rebrand and strategy geared toward viewers in their 30s and 40s, TVLAND needed an identity which complimented their edgier push into scripted original content with shows such as Younger, The Jim Gaffigan Show and Impastor. A simple repackaging of the existing brand would not suffice, and this meant burning the old look to the ground and creating something new.

The idea was to build a tactile feel, starting with a new mark. The logo is designed to be used as a sticker you can slap on top of anything. Imagine you're at a music club and you have 50 TVLAND stickers in your pocket that you can slap on anything from a club poster to a street sign or the bathroom stall door. This idea is the core of the visual aesthetic, and all of the design decisions stemmed from there.
Comedy and music clubs have a lot of layers and talent moving in and out on a daily basis. In a way, this is not much different from a TV network. With TVLAND's darker and edgier approach, the tactile feel felt appropriate. The actual network package is a vast library of highly customizable paper tearing animations, custom handwritten fonts, motion paint strokes, and a complementary system of san serif fonts. We did as much as we could by hand to capture a DIY spirit in a network package.
Establishing a new tone for photography was another large component of the project. We wanted to abandon the standard studio photography altogether and approach all of the new images from the mindset of a street photographer or documentarian. The shoots took place on the sets of each show in New York, Los Angeles, and Vancouver. Approaching photography this way matched the tactile spirit of the graphic language, and allowed the photographer capture moments which differ from shoots taking place on a stage.


Kim Rosenblum

Michael Waldron


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Josh LIbitsky

MK Fablia
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Ben  Rohel