G80 Sport

My Role

"What You Want" centers around interviews with a diverse group of real people (MotorTrend enthusiasts), all who are expertly qualified to discuss their admiration of luxury sedans. The interviews are classy and filmed entirely in black and white, taking cues from classic portrait photography.

The second component of "What You Want" incorporates tastefully composed black and white G80 running footage shot in a nighttime city setting. Visually speaking, our treatment is for the vehicle to act as a halo presence hanging over the conversation, illustrating the unique contribution the G80S has to offer in this competitive category.

This final piece is not boastful nor humble, but a subtle yet confident inclusion into a category Genesis is proud to be a part of.

Additional Credits
Production Company
MotorTrend Group

Managing Director
Jerry Solomon

MotorTrend Group ECD
Mike Ruiz

Brent Baer

Anthony Cerniello

Waqas Qazi

Scott Moon
Mile Friedman

1st AD
Matt Bobbit

2nd Unit
Gabe Sanchez